Prem Rawat: Essen für hungernde Kinder

Filling hearts and stomachs in Yucatan, Mexico



The distribution of TPRF’s aid was handled by the local not-for-profit organisation “Compartimos Bienestar y Salud Para Los Niňos Mayas” (We Share Wellbeing and Health with the Mayan Children), whose president, Maria Jose Medina, has a keen interest in Prem Rawat’s message. Spurred by a desire to inform the people of the area about the possibility of peace, she chose to organise a Words of Peace event at the same school where lunches were provided.


As the community was already acquainted with the name Prem Rawat, the response to her invitation was beyond her expectations. Over half of the adults in the community came — a total of 93. Maria Modena organised translation for the Mayan people, who do not speak Spanish, while the school principal, who attended the event, ensured that childcare was available so parents could attend.


“People were very attentive — you could hear a pin drop,” reports a local attendee, who helped to organise the screening. Afterwards, several women asked to see more.


Placing her hand on her heart, one Mayan woman said: “It was beautiful. Please bring more videos.” The principal of the school asked if she could watch Prem Rawat at home and offered to help in any way she can to ensure another Words of Peace event takes place.


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